Michael J. Donnelly BSc., PhD.

Science Publications

1. Structure-properties studies on polyurethanes from renewable resources. Ph.D. Thesis, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST), May 1984.

2. Liquid carbohydrate derivatives. J.L.Cawse, M.J.Donnelly, J.L.Stanford, R.H.Still. GB 85/00388 (30.8.85), WO 86/01512 (13.3.86). (UMIST).

Picture shows some of Research Group at UMIST (Polymer and Fibre Science Dept., Wolfson Unit 1980) ( l to r: Dr Richard Worth. Clive Plane, Mike Donnelly. Dr John Cawse; absent Dr R.H.Still and Dr J.L.Stanford)

3. Formation of polyols. J.L.Cawse, M.J.Donnelly, J.L.Stanford, R.H.Still, R.F.Stepto, M.Demirors. GB 85/00500 (4.11.85). (UMIST).

4. Polyurethanes from renewable resources, R.H.Still, J.L.Stanford, J.L.Cawse, M.J.Donnelly, Adhesives from renewable resources symposium, ACS Div. of cellulose, paper and textile chemistry, New Orleans, USA, Aug. 30-Sept. 4 1987.

Formed chapter 30 of ACS Symposium series No. 385, Washington DC, 1989, p 424-442.

5. Surface active agents (surfactants from hydrophilic amino or hydroxy compound ketene of fatty acid). J.D.Bu'Lock, J.K.Sutherland, M.J.Donnelly. GB 87/00243 (12.4.86), WO 87/06236 (22.10.87). (Manchester University, Chemistry Dept.).

6. Novel carbohydrate based surfactants. J.D.Bu'Lock, M.J.Donnelly, J.K.Sutherland. Poster presentation, RSC Carbohydrate Spring Meeting, Sheffield University, April 13-16, 1986.

Proceedings of meeting published by the RSC, London 1987.

7. Sucrose esters as model compounds for synthetic glycolipid surfactants. M.J.Donnelly, J.D.Bu'Lock, J.Am. Oil Chem. Soc., 65, 2, Feb. 1988, 284-287.


Picture on left shows Research Group at Manchester University, Weizmann Microbial Laboratory ca 1984 (l to r: Michelle Richards, Prof. John Bu'Lock, Gerry Avis, Heizi F de Castro, Rita Passamao, Christine Pachman, Dr Mike Donnelly.)

Picture on right shows "Security Mug shot" for access to Courtualds Research, Lockhurst Lane, Coventry 1986.

8. Enzymatic synthesis of glycerol mono-oleate. M.J.Donnelly. Poster presentation, International Technical Symposium, Coventry, 31 Oct.-Nov. 2, 1988.

9. Biotechnology at Courtaulds. M.J.Donnelly, P.M.Radley. Poster presentation, Laboratory of the Government Chemist Exhibition, Teddington, London, July-December 1989.

10. The conversion of polysaccharides to polyurethanes: A review. M.J.Donnelly, R.H.Still, J.L.Stanford. Carbohydrate Polymers 14 (1991) 221-240.

11. Biodegradation: scientific and other issues. M.J.Donnelly, Nucleus, March 1991, 4-5.

Picture shows a debate on the Courtaulds bridge over Lockhurst Lane, Coventry "Biodegradation versus Recycling" 1991 (l to r: Dr Mike Donnelly, Dr Ted Richards).

12. Laboratory scale testing of products and effluents. R.Dovey, M.J.Donnelly, Environmental Matters, 9, Nov. 1991, 2-3.

13. Enzymatic Treatment (of cellulose derivatives) GB Applic., 92 0277 (10.2.92). (Water Soluble Polymers Ltd., Courtaulds).

14. Modification of guar polysaccharide by galactose oxidase. P.Goode, M.J.Donnelly. Poster presentation. RSC International Conference on the enzymatic synthesis and modification of carbohydrates, Warwick University, July 1-3 1992.

15. Enzymatic Synthesis and Modification of Carbohydrates-Meeting Report, M.J.Donnelly, SCI Biotechnology News, 1, Aug.1992, 6.

16. Enzymatic Modification of Polysaccharides, P.Goode, M.J.Donnelly, Nucleus, Dec. 1992, 1-6.

17. Extended Summaries: International Conference on the Enzymatic Synthesis and Modification of Carbohydrates. M.J.Donnelly, J.Chem.Tech.Biotech., 56, 4 (1993) 407-419.

18. Polyurethanes from Renewable Resources I - Properties of polymers derived from glucose and xylose based polyols, M.J.Donnelly, J.L.Stanford, R.H.Still, Polymer International (1993) 32, 2, 197-203.

19. Polyurethanes from Renewable Resources II - Properties of polymers derived from coconut diethanolamide, laboratory and reaction injection moulding investigations. M.J.Donnelly, G.C.Plane, Plastics, Rubber and Composites: Processing and Applications 21(2), 1994, 75-80.

20. The synthesis of sucrose esters from telomer monocarboxylic acids, M.J.Donnelly, J.D.Bu'Lock, J.Chem.Tech. Biotechnol., 1994, 61, 187-195.

21. Polyurethanes from Renewable Resources III - Synthesis and characterisation of low molar mass polytetrahydrofuran diols and their glucosides. M.J.Donnelly, Polymer International (1995) 37, 1-20.

22. Polyurethanes from Renewable Resources IV - Properties of linear, crosslinked and segmented polymers from polytetrahydrofuran diols and their glucosides. M.J.Donnelly, Polymer International (1995) 37, 297-314.

23. Enzymatic synthesis and modification of polymers. M.J.Donnelly. Poster presentation, Strategic Research & Technology Exhibition, Courtaulds, Coventry, April-July 1995.

24. High yield enzymatic synthesis of ethyl acetate. M.J.Donnelly, N.Benson, P.Goode. Poster presentation, RSC International Conference Biotrans 95, Warwick University, 5-8 Sept.1995.

25. Structural analysis of enzymically synthesised cellulose. M.J.Donnelly, S.P. Church, S.Kobayashi. Poster presentation, RSC International Conference Biotrans 95, Warwick University, 5-8 Sept. 1995.


Left picture shows organisation committee for Prof. Shiro Kobayashi Visit to Courtaulds Corporate Research, Coventry 1993 (l to r: Sarah Hawkins, Mrs Kobayashi, Prof. Shiro Kobayashi (Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan),  Dr Sheila Murphy, Dr Mike Donnelly).

Right picture shows presentation of a Wedgwood Plate featuring Lady Godiva. 

26. Enzymatic modification of Poly(ethylene terephthalate) film for the enhancement of wetting and adhesion performance. D.J.Wright, M.J.Donnelly, T.Farren. Poster presentation. 10th Annual meeting of the Warwick Biotransformation Club, Jan., 9-10 1997. Abstract in conference proceedings, Warwick University 1997.

27. The action of selected commercial cellulases on the new cellulosic fibre "Tencel". M.J.Donnelly, P.Goode. Poster presentation. 10th Annual meeting of the Warwick Biotransformation Club, Jan., 9-10 1997. Abstract in conference proceedings, Warwick University 1997.

28. In-vitro enzymatic synthesis of polymers containing saccharides, lignins, proteins or related compounds : a review. M.J.Donnelly. Polymer International Special Issue on Environmental Compatible Polymer Architectures from Saccharides, Lignins and Proteins. 47 (1998) 257-266.

29. Enzymatic synthesis of cellulose, S. Kobayashi, S. Shoda, M.J.Donnelly, S.P. Church, Methods on Biotechnology, Volume 10: Carbohydrate Biotechnology, Humana Press Inc., NJ, USA, 1999.

30. Galactose oxidase modification of the polysaccharide guar, M.J.Donnelly, Methods in Biotechnology, Volume 10: Carbohydrate Biotechnology, Humana Press Inc., NJ, USA, 1999.

31. Laboratory and commercial-scale investigations into the action of cellulase enzymes on Tencel. A. Harnden, M.J.Donnelly, J.York, Journal of Coloration Technology, 117, 2001, 217-224.

32. Process for the manufacture of hydrogel compositions and hydrogel compositions manufactured thereby. M.J.Donnelly, A.Page, H.Munro, PCT/GB01/02647, June 15 2001; Canadian Patent Application 16 Dec. 2002; US Patent Application 16 Dec. 2002 (all First Water Ltd.).


Science Journal and Research Grant Refereeing

            1. Carbohydrate Polymers Journal Referee 1988-1992.

            2. SERC Biotechnology Directorate: Research Grant Referee 1988-1992.

            3. Polymer International Journal Referee 1991-1992.

            4. Polymer Journal Referee 1991-1992.

            5. SERC Clean Technology Initiative: Research Grant Referee 1993.

            6. Biocatalysis and Biotransformation Journal Referee 1996-1999.

            7. Textile Chemist and Colorist Journal Referee 1997-1999.

Regional and National Science Committees and Groups.

            1. RSC Biotechnology Group Committee 1989-1992 (contributor to the organisation of seven national/international science conferences).

            2. Organisation Committee for the International Conference on Lipase Enzymes (Warwick University 16-19 July 1991) 1989-1991.

            3. Contributor to the UK Strategy for Biocatalysis Meeting, London 15 January 1991.

            4. Management Committee of Warwick University Biotransformation Club 1990-1993.

            5. Co-Manager (with Paul Mason) of Japan Project, Courtaulds Corporate Research, Coventry 1991-1995.

            5. SERC-LINK Inter-University Biotransformation Club Programme Management Committee 1990-1992.

            6. Chairman of Organisation Committee for International Conference on the Enzymatic Synthesis and Modification of Carbohydrates (Warwick University 1-3 July 1992) 1990-1992.

            7. Contributor to the Review of Biotransformation Research Supported by the Biotechnology Directorate of the SERC, Aston Business School, 5-6 April  1993.

            8. Member of the Working Party Organising the Applied Biocatalysis Club of the Biochemical Society, London July 1993.

            9. Principal Advisor to Courtaulds UK Enzyme Technology Group 1991-1999.


Principal Invited Talks and Science Prizes

            1. Chemistry Prize , Bede Hall Grammar School, Billingham, Teesside 1967.

            2. Application of Biotechnology in the Chemical Industry, Coventry Business Centre, Coventry UK, 12 May 1988.

            3. Technology Prize-Applications of Enzymes (Tour of Japanese Universities and Companies), Courtaulds Strategic Research Group, Coventry 1991.


Pictures show l to r: Osaka Train Station (under tower block), Osaka Castle, Hotel Hankyu in Kyoto, Mr Tozaki-san (translator guide and around Japan) and wife from Tokyo reading fortune cookie.

            4. Potential of Enzymes in Anti-fouling Paints, International Paint Ltd., Felling, Newcastle UK, 26 February 1992.

            5. The Mechanism of Commercial Cellulases on Tencel Fibre and Fabric, Japanese Kai Meeting, Spondon, Derby UK, 17 February 1997.

            6. The action of Commercial and Development Cellulase Enzymes on Tencel Fibre, Fabric and Cross-linked Fibre and Fabric, Genencor International, San Francisco, USA: series of eight talks 1995-1999.